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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Summary of Correlations

The following is a subjective evaluation of the case made for each correlation through the literature alone. It is not meant to be a final analysis of the correlation, only the strength of the case through comparing the literature. The weakness of the case could be due to misunderstandings in other areas.

Evaluation Scale

References in psychological type sources are easy to produce, correlate perfectly, and could be interchangeable with the gift descriptions. The name of the gift itself is seen as a defining theme of the matching type in the literature.

References are easy to produce, correlate very well, are self-explanatory or only need a brief explanation to show relevance.

References are difficult to produce, require extensive explanation to show relevance, or the gift is only a minor theme in the portraits of that type. The case for a correlation needs other support.

References are very difficult to produce or very oblique. The case for a correlation cannot be made through comparison of literature.

Leadership / ENTJ ------------ Excellent
Administration / ESTJ -------- Excellent
Hospitality / ESFJ ------------- Excellent
Encouragement / ENFJ ------- Good
Shepherding / INFJ ----------- Good
Helping / ISFJ ----------------- Good
Serving / ISTJ ----------------- Good
Wisdom / INTJ ---------------- Good
Knowledge / INTP ------------- Good
Mercy / ISFP ------------------ Decent
Evangelism / ESTP ------------ Decent
Faith / ISTP ------------------- Decent
Giving / ESFP ----------------- Decent
Prophecy / ENFP -------------- Decent
Discernment / INFP ----------- Decent
Teaching / ENTP -------------- Weak

Correlations depending on minority view of gift

The gift of giving is taken to be a spontaneous, relationship-oriented gift where money is only a small part of the picture, as opposed to the more common structured view that givers are good at making money and saving it to give to the church.

The gift of faith is presented as one of common sense realism and bold action in an immediate context as opposed to the majority view of a visionary, future oriented gift.

Analysis of results

EJ types are clustered at the top as the strongest correlations, and with only one exception, all of the judging types rate in the top two categories with all of the perceiving types rating in the bottom two categories. The only exception is the INTP which is in the good category. The ratings are admittedly subjective, but the clustering is obvious and predictable. Perceiving types are known to keep their options open, even in the choice of how they want to focus their lives.

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